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Fast Turn-Around, Mastered by professional Audio Engineers. Some of our staff are Grammy nominated and Oscar winning producers.

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Mastering is the final stage in the process of making a song. You've put your all into writing and recording your songs and you want the finished product to be as good as it can possibly be. You want your record to sound as good as the polished, commercial sounds you hear on the radio but somehow your song isn't quite there. ‚ÄčThat's where we come in. Our team handles your finished mix and apply the final audio treatment it needs to really elevate it to peak sound quality. You may have tried some of the online Mastering services but nothing beats a real human pair of ears when it comes to giving your record the treatment it needs, something a computer generated algorithm just can't do. ‚Äč

Free Samples

Request a FREE mastered sample of your music The free sample is paid for by you telling us exactly why we should give you a free sample. Show me that you have a passion for your music, and that you have a vision. Do not simply send us a file and a comment saying something like "impress us". The free mastered sample will be half of one song.